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Drive your business anytime, from anywhere


drive business from anywhere

Your work. In Mobile Application

Being tied to a desk or even a laptop has become incompatible with the way we live and work today. You no longer sit by the phone waiting for that important call. Why should you have to be at a desk to get your\ work done? Get access to both information and systems anytime, anywhere with Infor™ Mobile Application.



Unlock the power of your enterprise solutions

Monitor your business, perform key tasks, and keep things moving using the mobile device of your choice with Infor Mobile Application. You can easily develop custom mobile apps and deliver capabilities unique to mobile technology that result in new ways of thinking, working, and getting things done. With Infor Mobile Application, you can:


 Unlock the power of your enterprise solutions. Seamlessly integrate mobile capabilities with your Infor applications. Infor’s Intelligent Open Network(ION) technology makes integration straightforward and simple, allowing you to take advantage of the full power of your applications, no matter how you access them.

 Manage mobile access from a single screen. With centralized provisioning capabilities, you can drag and drop users to allow or restrict mobile access
and quickly cut off permissions when changes occur. Managing mobile access becomes easier, without putting your information at risk.


 Easily build and deploy custom mobile applications. You can build mobile apps that integrate seamlessly and securely with your existing Infor applications. You’ll increase the value of core systems and keep pace with a rapidly changing business environment.


 Deliver capabilities unique to mobile technology, through features like mapping and location services. The combination of mobile and core enterprise systems is a powerful one that allows you to work in ways not otherwise possible. From mapping customers within a certain distance of a rep’s location to uploading images into systems directl.


 Take advantage of industry-specific mobile apps, for areas such as manufacturing and hospitality. These apps are pre-packaged and based on decades of industry experience, so you can start using them immediately to realize a faster time to value.




Perform key tasks anytime, from anywhere

With Infor Mobile Application, you get access to a broad and continually expanding portfolio of mobile applications that put the power of personal technologies, like iOS® and Android® smartphones and tablets, into the hands of your business users. Infor offers mobile capabilities for products within major solution categories such as enterprise asset management, ERP, and financial management, as well as purpose-built mobile applications. These include:


Infor Mobile Application Road Warrior— Act faster and work smarter with this specialized application that lets you access critical customer information with embedded businesses intelligence anytime, anywhere, as well as capture information from the field.


Infor Mobile Application Activity Deck — Prevent bottlenecks in your business processes with mobile alerts, approvals, and tasks delivered to your smartphone or tablet. You'll be able to take action on pending items and keep business moving.


Infor Mobile Application Shop Floor— Manage production as it happens around you with untethered access to information via mobile devices. Give supervisors control over every point that touches a job on its way to completion, whether materials, people, or resources.


Infor Mobile Application Warehouse Director— Get real-time access to inventory information and drill down to details using your mobile device. You'll be able to make updates on the fly and manage warehouse operations from the floor.


Infor Mobile Application Query & Analysis — Approve transactions, drill down to transactional details, and monitor business performance anytime, from anywhere.


Infor Mobile Application Query & Analysis — Approve transactions, drill down to transactional details, and monitor business performance anytime, from anywhere.


Infor Mobile Application Dashboards — Get the information you need to monitor key performance indicators in a consolidated, user-friendly dashboard format that can be accessed on the go.


Infor Mobile Application Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) — Get real-time access to your Infor M3 CLM solution, so you can collaborate with coworkers and work with prospects, customers, activities, and opportunities from the road.


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