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Infor LN is the most powerful and comprehensive system available for managing the demands of complex, global operations. It has proven itself in a wide variety of engineering-based industries—including automotive, equipment, high tech and electronics, and aerospace and defense. It is the only full-featured manufacturing solution that completely and simultaneously supports all of the production processes commonly found in modern manufacturing—from engineer-to-order to repetitive.

With industry-specific capabilities that embody best practices for managing the intricate demands of industrial manufacturing, Infor LN gives you control over every aspect of your operation, from design through to delivery, and beyond. By giving you the ability to fine-tune your business process quickly and easily to stay ready for every change you encounter, Infor LN helps you adjust to disruptions in the business world without disrupting your business.

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 What it is


Infor LN is a uniquely powerful ERP solution for complex manufacturing, optimized for distributed global operations and equipped with the tools to improve operational performance in your manufacturing plants, across your supply chain, and throughout your aftermarket service business.


The result of more than 25 years of manufacturing experience, Infor LN is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, from mid-size companies to Fortune 500 enterprises. The only ERP solution that can run on any major database, hardware platform, or operating system, Infor LN gives you maximum flexibility in how you choose to deploy, implement, and operate your manufacturing operations.


Infor LN helps you:


  • Increase responsiveness and reduce costs.


  • Integrate project management across your enterprise.


  • Predict financial results with confidence.


  • Expand your service management capabilities.


  • Create unique product configurations visually (2D, 3D, photo renditions) without creating new item masters


With Infor LN you get help with multi-site, multi-company transaction management, planning, and shared services support, as well as localizations for 48 countries and support for 21 languages.



  What it does


Infor LN helps you drive efficiency and innovation, while improving visibility and control across your global operations. The result of years of development investment and focus on core industries, Infor LN delivers the deepest industry functionality available, including sophisticated capabilities you simply won't find in other solutions, including:

  • Manufacturing control to increase operational efficiency and respond to market changes


  • Enterprise and supply chain planning to create lean, demand-driven supply networks


  • Global financial management to predict financial results with confidence


  • Customer relationship management to maximize your market opportunity


  • Sales and configuration order management to meet individual customer demands


  • Sourcing and procurement to control inventory and optimize resource utilization


  • Project management to provide powerful project and activity management


  • Quality management to give you control, consistency, and predictability


  • Service management to help you become a service-centric business


  • Engineering data management to manage information from design through manufacture


  • Sales and configuration order management to meet individual customer demands


As a result, you need fewer modifications to get more control and clearer information to make better decisions.


Infor LN also offers new technologies that transform your user experience for greater productivity and connectivity. You get software that's easier to use on the frontend, with faster, smarter connections on the back end, including:


  • Innovative social business features for a personalized, high productivity user experience


  • Cutting edge mobile capabilities to give you up-to-the-minute status on your operations anywhere, anytime


  • Infor ION to connect Infor LN to all other systems in your infrastructure


  • Visibility and control over your global operations


  • Flexible architecture so that you can define (and re-define) your processes


  • Estimate the cost to build and profitability with Infor's Product Configuration Management (PCM)



 What it means


Infor LN helps your company improve operational excellence and respond to change because:


  • You'll have company-wide visibility into finance, operations, inventory, and capacity.


  • You'll make more efficient use of your material and production resources, turning capacity into capability to deliver.


  • You'll reduce your design-to-deliver cycle time and bring new products to market more profitably.


  • You'll identify and react more quickly to changes in your supply chain and take advantage of opportunities to grow revenue.


  • You'll offer better visibility to your suppliers, who will in turn improve their delivery performance to you.


  • You'll have maximum flexibility to change manufacturing methods to suit your business.


Infor LN is designed to help you master the complexities of every phase of your manufacturing business, including design, supply chain, production, and service. You'll have the flexibility to change as much as you need to without compromises. And you'll be backed by an organization that is as dedicated to manufacturing as you are.





New ION integrations to extension apps—Sales & Operations Planning, Motion Shop Floor, e-Commerce, PLM


Provides a more compelling extended suite with a lower cost way to take advantage of new, high value capabilities.


New, modern user experience—HTML 5 and Infor Ming.le™


Reinvented user experience provides an entirely modern solution and delivers more robust functionality through compelling workflows built in to the application and across a broader suite.


Expanded industry functionality—Aerospace & Defense, Automotive


Delivers a more compelling, out-of-the-box solution for targeted micro-verticals, faster deployment and lower TCO, while preserving upgrade paths.




 Core features


  • Kanban calculations
  • Retro billing
  • Allow partial self billed invoices to be matched
  • Alloy surcharges
  • Direct deliveries
  • Packing information for ship notice
  • Master pack—scan to receive
  • Rounding call-off quantities
  • Combining planned warehouse orders
  • Combining shipment line items
  • Push reports for Infor Reporting
  • Handling units—reference number on single container level
  • US DD250 reporting
  • BOM costing breaks
  • Borrow/loan/payback
  • Supplier staged payments
  • Purchase schedule cost pegging
  • Purchase order price types
  • Program and project reporting
  • e-Invoicing (multiple countries)
  • LN Multi-books (GFC)
  • Multi-currency expansion in single logistic company
  • Multi-site modeling workbench
  • Revenue vs. funding analysis
  • 6 new Content Packs (alerts, workflows, in-context BI)
  • Industry-specific labeling
  • Purge and archive modeler
  • User defined data flied—user selection for BODs and reporting
  • BOD event modeler
  • MariaDG performance improvements
  • HTML 5 (replace Java Swing)
  • SoHo Experience adoption and session re-modeling

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