Kick-off Infor LN ERP System Implementation at PT Sanoh with PT BSI

PT Sanoh Indonesia is established since 1976. PT Sanoh is mainly supporting the automotive industry. Their main customers are some of the big brands of Japanese automotive vehicles such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Nissan, Hino Mitsubishi, Astra Honda Motor, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. PT Sanoh Indonesia has three divisions which are Chassis, Brazing, and Plastic. In the Chassis department, they mainly produce fuel tubes and brake tubes. Brazing division produces car engines, radiator tubes, oil level gauge, and others, whereas the plastic department produces fuel tubes from plastic.


Indonesia’s Automotive Industry 4.0 Symposium


PT Sanoh Indonesia chose to implement the ERP system in their company called Infor LN. They also chose to partner with PT Bisnis Sistem Indonesia (PT BSI) to implement the system smoothly into their company. PT BSI is one of the companies that offer ERP solutions. PT BSI has been providing clients with successful ERP Infor LN since 1998. Since then PT BSI continues to build a good reputation ever since.

Indonesia’s Automotive Industry 4.0 Symposium


The reason why PT Sanoh Indonesia chose to implement Infor LN in their company is the accountability and the zero complaints from one of the subsidiaries of PT Sanoh in Thailand. During the visit of representatives of PT Sanoh Indonesia in Thailand, they concluded that Infor is one the best choice for ERP implementation in PT Sanoh Indonesia.

Before deciding on implementing ERP, the production sector of PT Sanoh Indonesia suffers a daily struggle which is items that are coded inconsistently. Due to this issue, in the scenario where they receive an order from the customer, the marketing team uses the item code based on what is written on the order slip. However, as time passed and the engineering team does trial and errors the code of the same item changed. Unfortunately, when the code changes, the engineers do not inform the other divisions about this matter. At the end, when it is time for mass production, the item that the engineering team request is not the same as what it is originally registered as. This problem causes a lot of confusion and could lead to money loss. Because the item codes are not consistent, perception and understanding about item codes differ per division.

PT Sanoh Indonesia saw the problem as an adverse, inefficient and potentially expand production cost. Therefore they quickly looked for a precise solution to the problem using a system that integrates among departments. The system is called ERP.

Because of the capacity and what ERP is promised to be capable of, PT Sanoh Indonesia hopes that ERP could tackle the problem stated above and result in all items and jobs starting from warehouse to finished product to be sent to the customer are recorded properly with one data used in a bill. So, there is no more confusion regarding part code number, part name, customer, invoice, and payment. Each department will report their data to the software and all department could see the data posted there.

After surveying several companies they found that Infor is easy to use and user-friendly. According to Ibu Dian, from an accounting perspective of PT Sanoh Indonesia, despite having a system already, it is not optimized to its full potential because it is not integrated into the flow of production. Therefore they chose to implement the system for the purpose of simplifying the process of auditing from the tax office and internal auditing. PT BSI is trusted to implement ERP system at PT Sanoh because they claimed that the initial support from PT BSI to them is very good so therefore they feel more comfortable.

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