How to Solve the Enterprise Challenges Regarding Manufacturing Skills Gap

How to Solve the Enterprise CHallenge | erp

Most enterprises have been established for a long time. The employees’ boss also has their own share of problems and challenges while running the enterprise. Certain challenges surface during a certain time only. For example, the change in the market’s demands on a certain product at the end of the year so therefore require adjustment on the company’s business process.


Most likely, the business owner is part of the older generation, when they notice changes in the market demands, it is a normal occurrence to them and easily solvable. However, what happens if the company has been handed down to the new generation? Will it still run smoothly?


What happens if the New Generation takes over without system?


When the company has been established for a long time, the company also has to make transitions in the human resource department into consideration. This is due to the retiring older generation. Usually, an issue arises when transitioning from the old generation to the new generation: Knowledge and Experience Gap. This gap happens due to the new generation’s knowledge gained based on experience is subpar compared to the old generation. When the old generation retires, the knowledge and experience also retires. However, the knowledge and experience are needed by the new generation to continue the jobs that are handed over to them from the old generation.


With the change in market demands, it is certain that the technology used also evolves, equipment such as machines, assembly, distribution, and others will experience readjustment.


The system needed to manufacture also experience readjustment, to capture the knowledge and best practices from the old generation. This is because the new generation is has less experience and has less knowledge and intuition like the older generation. This means that they may not be able to run the company properly. The enterprise will suffer a loss if this issue is not handled properly. They should be able to have a system that could apply best practices that is usually used by the old generation in running the business, so the new generation could run the company business with the intuition of the old generation that is translated into a system. Nonetheless, the system also should be able to forecast trends like how the older generation could with their knowledge.


Infor LN, an ERP system that is future-oriented as it is simple to use and is based on best practices. The system is also millennial-friendly as it is easily accessible, operates using both optional cloud services or on-premise, low maintenance and does not require tribal knowledge. With Infor LN, the company will be ready for the next industrial movement because it accommodates innovation in product development.


Infor LN has the advantage of being able to forecast trends, thus able to plan production based of the forecasted trend. This means that it will significantly reduce the risk while transitioning from the old generation to the new generation.


Despite no tribal knowledge, Infor LN runs based on the industry’s best practice, meaning the knowledge of the retiring old generation. Therefore, the new generation will be able to run the company as well as the old generations do with the help of Infor LN.


The conveniences that are available in Infor LN will solve the enterprise challenges against the skill Gap in the world of manufacturing.


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