The benefits of using Infor LN

The benefit of using 'infor LN'


In the era of technology and customer changes demands quickly, and a system is needed to fulfill the demands of customers and catch up with the improvements of technology. Therefore a big company or factory usually already has a system that could manage its operations.


The system that is used by the big factories usually is not a siloed system that stands alone for each department. A big factory usually has a system that could aid in planning the resources that the company needs. The system is called an ERP system.


An ERP system has the demands to follow through the advancement of the era. Why so? If there is innovation in a process, the system has to readjust from planning, production up to reporting. Therefore, the ERP system is important to fulfill the change in customers’ demands.


What are the benefits gained from using Infor LN ERP system?


Infor LN ERP system can integrate all processes and data into one, making it easy and efficient to access. The ERP system could also automate business processes such as gathering all of the transaction information to aid in making the financial report for example.


Infor LN specializes in manufacturing, more specifically discrete manufacturing. Discrete manufacturing is related to automotive, and electronics where each product has so many components. Infor LN has features such as the ability to track orders from ordering to shipment, the capability of pre-planning projects until reducing the time inventory is stocked. The point is Infor LN is capable of making company processes smoother, more efficient and fewer errors.


After implementation, Infor LN has the benefits of improving cash flow, mitigating risks, and improving efficiency. Cash flow is improved because the system is able to pre-plans the production process and forecast how much and when the cash needed, in a way that it benefits the company. The system could also mitigate risks by pre-planning the production process and controlling while monitoring the production process in a single line. Efficiency is improved after implementation because the system collects and integrates data, making it quicker to access and make decisions based on accurate data.


What does our customer say?


Because of the benefits that Infor LN offers, Infor LN is able to have best practices for each industry. Due to this, Infor LN is trusted by big enterprises like Ferrari. The companies believe that Infor LN enhances their business process after being implemented. Ferrari eliminated the risk of having insufficient materials on the production line after implementing Infor LN at their factory. This is especially helpful for the company in terms of efficiency as they have monitored the ordering process and tracking the shipment, making it faster to arrive on the production floor.


In conclusion, Infor LN speeds up the process of the production line in terms of ordering spare parts, maintaining quality, and monitoring the progress of production. This makes the production process run smoother, faster and more efficient. With Infor LN, it is also possible to mitigate the risks of the company. Through Infor LN, it could pre-plans production processes and integrates all data. The best practices that the system owns made big enterprises such as Ferrari trust Infor LN.


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