8 Reasons why Infor LN are different from other ERP solutions

8 reasons why infor LN are different from other ERP solutions | ERP Infor


Infor LN is one of the ERP solutions amongst many others. ERP solution is software that could integrate management, making it speedy and efficient. Infor LN is the ERP system that huge enterprises such as Ferrari and OTIS trust. The reasons why these big brands trust Infor LN to help with their manufacturing is going to be discussed below. Here are 8 reasons why Infor LN is different from the rest.


1. Infor is specialized by industry


Infor LN offers the solution for aerospace, defense, and after-sales service. Infor LN is highly specialized in discrete manufacturing. Infor LN follows the best practice of each industry making it easy to be implemented within the company. The values of this advantage are:


● The business process does not need to modify the software for their enterprise

● Maintenance and Upgrades of the solution will cost less

● The pace and agility of the enterprise to respond to new market demands will be greater

● More time can be spent on value-added activities like analysis and improvement

● Industry best practices for the micro-vertical will reduce overall lead time to deliver the product


2. Infor LN has flexible typology support and mixed modes of MTS, MTO, ATO, CTO, ETO and Repetitive


Infor LN is capable of accommodating multiple manufacturing modes such as made to order, engineer to order, or assemble to order. This makes it feasible for the business process to be more efficient and faster. The benefits of this feature are:


● Each unit to be unique in its configuration, customer necessities are captured in the enterprise solution

● Visibility of the configuration are carried through the manufacturing planning and shop floor control

● It supports the vision of no two products being alike

● Configuration changes can be incorporated throughout the process of building and maintaining the item

● Unique costing to fit the configuration management


3. Infor LN is online, Real-Time Business Intelligence Analytics, and Reporting


Infor LN‘s services are online, enabling real-time viewing of analytics and report. This makes it efficient to view the data and reports. It additionally has benefits such as:

● An executive can take action of crucial work to be approved

● Pre-building enterprise information including key performance indicators

● Users because they have a “consumer-friendly” user-interface with easy navigation and access to all information required guiding their specific “day-in-a life” activities and casual workflows using social collaboration, Infor Ming.le.

● A person is no longer limited to their work station or the facility itself to get information


4. Infor LN is multi-language, multi-currency and multiple methods to handle multi-factory/warehouse multi-site


Infor LN supports multi-currency, accommodates multi-language, and handle multi factory/warehouse multi-site using multiple methods. Meaning Infor LN is flexible and up-to-date. Because of this Infor LN can become:


● A complete solution for all regions and methods of managing multi-site warehousing and manufacturing

● The multi-site capabilities are easy to use and implement

● Multi-site is flexible depending on customer agreements

● All multi-site activities are integrated to finance in a single instance with one solution

● Multi-site Activities can be planned as opposed to being spontaneous


5. Infor LN has ease-of-use, beautiful applications, changing the way work is done


● All interaction is based on exceptions

● Customized alerts and workflows allow the business to define their needs

● BI tools are embedded within the standard UI for convenience

● Ming.le is interactive like modern social media tools


6. Infor supports cross-application workflow - ION Technology supports and allow easier upgrades


Easier upgrades are enabled with Infor LN because Infor supports cross software workflow. Infor LN is able to integrate all of the systems used throughout the enterprise. Because of this, it is easy for Infor LN to:


● Simply integrate both Infor and third-party software applications with Infor's innovative Intelligent Open Network (ION).

● Be a purpose-built middleware solution that presents a simple but powerful and scalable framework, allowing the elimination of operational silos, dramatically improve exception management, and achieve unparalleled end-to-end efficiency.

● Loosely coupled integration means easier upgrades

● Maintain standard integrations to a range of applications

● Business Object Document (BoD) offers much more than just an integration BUS. They also provide the framework for workflow and alerts across your IT landscape (not just Infor LN).


7. Infor LN is the first-ever Industry Specific Cloudsuites


Infor LN utilizes cloud services, the first-ever who does it in industry-specific Cloudsuites. Infor LN is also surrounded by extended solutions to provide a complete enterprise solution in both single-tenant and multi-tenant offerings The advantage of Infor LN using cloud services are:


● The business process is not required to modify the software for their industry

● Maintenance and Upgrades of the solution will be taken care of by Infor LN

● The speed and agility of the enterprise to respond to new market demands will be bigger

● More time can be spent on value-added activities such as analysis and improvement

● Industry best practices for your micro-vertical will reduce overall lead time to deliver the product


8. Infor LN has Rapid deployment model - Implementation Accelerators


Infor LN follows the best practices of every industry so therefore Infor is quick to be implemented and there are requirements for trial and error. The values of not needing to do trials and errors are:


● Implementation Accelerator can help reduce implementation time by up to 50 percent

● Implementation Accelerator is based on experiences from hundreds of projects

● Implementation Accelerator has industry good practices built-in

● Implementation Accelerator comes with process documentation and test scripts to speed deployment

From the data above it could be concluded that Infor LN is suitable to be implemented in Indonesia. As Gold Partner of Infor, PT Bisnis Sistem Indonesia successfully helps companies in Indonesia implement Infor LN to their manufacture process.


For more information about the solution please contact our phone at +6221 304 90008 or WhatsApp +628111221789 (Chat Only) or our email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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