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Enterprises could be categorized as large companies. More often than not, subsidiaries of enterprises are spread across the globe. Subsidiaries and parent company should operate together in order to achieve optimum efficiency. However, these are the challenges that the enterprise usually face such as: unable to plan holistically, multiple currencies, complex intercompany transfers, and siloed software applications.


Challenges of having companies in different locations


In terms of the incapability of planning holistically, this is a challenge for the enterprise because the enterprise is not aware of the statistics of each subsidiary. Operating across multiple locations is also a challenge because each subsidiary has different customer demands from each other. For example, the enterprises that are located in developed countries are catering customers that have a different mindset and lifestyle than enterprises located in developing countries. Therefore, since the subsidiary of the enterprises only knows the customer profile of the location they are located in, they can only plan to run their own subsidiary.


Another challenge that the enterprise face is multicurrency. Since enterprises are located in various places across the globe, it is certain that they must use different currencies to do transactions. Each subsidiary uses a different currency to purchase equipment and to sell the finished products. These transactions will be recorded in the financial report. The compilation of financial reports is complex due to stocks, expenses, and intercompany transactions. This turns into pain for the finance team, as they have to manually convert each currency into home currency then compiling it to make the financial report. Not to mention, the reference of currency rate in different locations that could be different. Moreover, if the parent company decides to request for each subsidiary's financial report, each subsidiary has to convert the numbers in the report to be the currency that the parent company uses.


The effects of using different systems


While operating across multiple locations, enterprises may face a challenge regarding siloed software applications. The case applies if the software installed in the enterprise is only used to solve one task in one location. This will lead employees to manually compile data from all of the company’s location. During the data compilation, there is a high risk of errors and there is no reference data.


Infor LN is capable of solving the challenges mentioned above because Infor LN is able to plan all processes beforehand, support multi-currency transactions, enable easy info exchange, and become a one-stop software solution. Infor LN is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that is provided by PT BSI in Indonesia.


Infor LN has the advantage of the ability to monitor from a distance. The system is easily accessed, the data could be viewed on the screen of a phone, making it possible to be accessed anywhere. This will solve the challenge of the inability to plan holistically. The integrated data and information inputted by each subsidiary will aid the planning. The system also enables pre-planning everything to the highest level of detail possible, from the prototype design to the production of the product.


Another advantage Infor LN has is having a multi-currency feature. The system records each transaction despite being in different currencies. This solves the challenge of multiple currencies. The system eases the complexity by recording each transaction made despite being in multiple currencies. Periodically, the system compiles the transactions and converts them to the home currency, aiding the creation of financial reports.


Easy information exchange is achievable with Infor LN. This is because Infor LN is able to integrate all of the data and information. The integration of data leads to everyone being updated regarding all of the company’s processes from each department. Infor LN is able to reduce complexity through the easy access of information. Each department does not have to wait for other departments to send their data, making it simple and efficient.


With the integrated data, Infor LN solves the challenge of siloed software application. Infor LN complies data automatically, therefore minimizing errors made by humans. This also eliminates the need for multiple software as everything is already integrated.


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