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Solve the Enterprise Challenge in Manufacturing Landscape | ERP Infor


Time always moves forward, things also evolve along with time. This is also the case with the industrial trend. Industrial trend evolves from relying on tools to controlling machines with the touch of a finger. In the manufacturing industry, the evolution advances to become faster, simpler, and efficient. From industry 1.0 where they just discovered tools, to industry 5.0 where customers can make special requests and immediately produced by the factory. The companies in the manufacturing industry evolve to be more effective in terms of running the company, more profitable, and more competitive to answer the demands of the customer.


In order to achieve that, the company should undergo a change in the business process. The company has to change the business process, from the previously manual to become more systematic in order to be able to adapt to the ever-changing customer demands


There is another challenge!


With the progress of time, the population demography also changes. Previously, in Indonesia, people preferred family cars because they have a large family. Now, people preferred to own city cars because it can infiltrate the traffic jam in the city. The primary customers of family cars are people with large families, as time goes by family size shrinks, therefore it is no longer necessary to own a family car. City cars are mostly owned by people who are recently employed or small-sized families. The small car makes it easy and flexible to go travel from one place to another. Because the demographics change, the customers' demands also change. This impacts the production line, due to the products manufactured are different and the components are changed.


Along with the changes in the manufacturing industry, technology also progresses.


Apart from customer behavior could slightly alter the manufacture business process, it also applies with technology. As time progresses, new technologies emerge. The new technologies also affect cars. In attempts to save fossil fuels, car manufacturers create new cars that are battery-powered, solar-powered, or hybrid between the battery and fossil fuel. Because of this new emergence in technology, car manufacturers will have to set up a different production line to produce the newly developed cars. The company is also required to source components that are compatible with the new technology. The changes made on the inside of the car will affect the production process. The addition of batteries changes the configurations of components previously when the car still uses fuel tanks.


Previously, the company pre-plans the production process manually, thus could potentially have human errors. When planning manually, fine details could potentially be missed. The details missed could be critical to run the production. Because it is missed it may delay the production process. If that aspect is not changed, the company could potentially be losing money due to customers’ reluctance on buying cars that are delayed in production.


Utilizing technology, the company has to find ways to resolve the challenges mentioned above in order to maximize production. Infor LN can be the solution to the challenges stated above. Infor LN is an ERP system that could solve the challenges from the ever-changing technology. Infor LN has the advantage of enabling automatic spare part sourcing. Automatically sourcing to the correct supplier and ordering the correct items. The simplicity in ordering the components makes it possible to produce the car with the most up-to-date technology. Infor LN also has the advantage in terms of pre-planning the production process, so everything is time lined using a system. Therefore, despite multiple designs are produced, the production still can go on. The systems pre-plans in detail from the designing process to the production process automatically, so nothing gets missed. Another advantage of Infor LN is accommodating new technology development. Because Infor is able to pre-plan in detail and correctly sourcing components, it enables rapid technology development.


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