Transactions and Activities that could be Automated in the Automotive Industry

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Progressing along with time, from industry 1.0 to 4.0. Factories become more advanced. From the previously relying on the strength of animals or humans to coals and now electricity and renewable resources. Now everything is controlled by machines that will follow our commands just with the push of a button. Everything has turned out to be faster and more efficient, in comparison to the previous industrial movement.


Automotive factories also experience technological advancements without exception. From being cast and built by humans completely, to completely built by robots. Previously having very limited quantities, now mass-produced everywhere. Times change, customer’s wants and needs also change. Surely, the automotive factory wants to be faster and more efficient.


The Key is Automization!


Automotive factories have to keep up with the demands of the customer. Factories that produce automotive vehicles must have the capacity to produce vehicles customer wants to buy, mass-producing the vehicles at a low cost and be efficient in using resources and time. To achieve that, the key is the automation of each transactions, process & activity.


After reaching the goals above, the factory has to be integrated between divisions, is capable of planning the release of the vehicle from start to finish, and has a controlled workflow to ensure from point A to B is executed properly and within the deadline. Therefore, the production costs will be much cheaper and efficient in resource and time.


Is there a system that could help?


ERP system can help automotive factories achieve this. Because the ERP system has the capability of integrating between divisions in the factory, plan the vehicle release from start to finish, and streamlining the workflow into one line, controlling it and making sure that nothing gets off track. Integration between departments are important as it minimizes miss-communication that could potentially result in fatal mistakes.

If you are not informed about what is ERP, ERP is a software and system that is used by companies to manage their daily business activities, such as finance, procurement, project, HR, etc. This system could facilitate business with real-time and accurate information, making it easy to make a proper business decision based on the generated data. Through gathering the transaction data together from various sources, the ERP system avoids data duplication by giving data integrity.


ERP system is capable of automatically sourcing spare parts that a certain vehicle needs. The system contacts suppliers of a certain spare part immediately after a vehicle is set for production. The system also immediately places an order and pays after that. Then, the components will be ready and lining up together with other components to be built into the car just in time.


The ERP system can automate the collection of data between divisions. When each division input data into the system, the system immediately compiles the data and makes the changes visible in real-time. This is exceptionally helpful for the finance team as it becomes simpler to audit purchases, cash flow, and sales using the data contained in the system, and calculates the balance based on the data of purchases, sales, and cash flow.


The production in the factory could be controlled automatically by the system. The process could be started just with the touch of a button and monitored through the system. Enabling people to monitor the factory situation, despite being far away from the factory.


The advantages stated above such as automatically sourcing spare parts, automatic data collection and automatic production process control are all possible through ERP. Because the advancements are possible, it is certain that the processes in the company will be faster and more efficient. With more speed and efficiency, everything will be done faster, the factory can produce more within the time planned, and the finance team can audit finances faster.


In Indonesia, PT Bisnis Sistem Indonesia (BSI) provides an ERP system called Infor LN. PT BSI has been established since 1998 and has been helping clients to align their business process to Infor LN successfully since then.


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