Adapting to Changing Consumer Demands with a Flexible Supply Chain in Manufacturing Industry

flexible supply chain in Manufacturing Industry


Every year automotive companies release new cars that are more advanced in terms of design, machinery, and technology. Each one is better than the last. As time evolves, vehicles become more and more sleek and aerodynamic, varied, and technologically improved. Years ago, car types and models are not as varied as today. Technological features inside the car are also not as much as today. Automotive companies have to acquire flexibility in order to achieve the advancements.


The needs of customers change every time, so therefore to fulfill the needs of the customer, the automotive industry has to have the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the customer. If companies are unable to cope with the customer’s demands and are inflexible sooner or later the company is going to experience stagnancy or regression, even bankruptcy. However, following the customer’s demands come with their own set of challenges as the demands affect how the vehicle is going to be produced.


The automotive company may experience difficulties when they try to adapt to fulfill the changing needs of customers. One of them is the complex designing process to the manufacturing process of the vehicle. How to translate the design properly into a prototype and enable the prototype to be mass-produced. The way engineers fit the spare parts and machines of the vehicle into the body of the car no matter how small or how complicated. If along the way the design has to be restarted after trials and errors, will that cause the release date to be pushed back? With the release date being pushed back, it will surely generate money loss which is what most companies avoid


What if there is a software that could relieve the pains stated above while streamlining the workflow and control it at the same time? ERP enables a company to synchronize systems inside the company and streamlining processes in the company. The implementing ERP in the company will result in an increase in efficiency and productivity because all information is shared and work progress would be tracked easily. Furthermore, the software is accessible just with the touch of the fingertips. The contribution of manufacturing flexibility to overall company performance will increase.


Infor LN is an ERP software provided by PT BSI that guarantees simplified workflow and synchronization of data. Infor LN controls the process of designing to the process of flexible manufacturing in a single line with synchronized data, making it simple to coordinate and be organized.


Infor LN made it possible for a program to be completely managed. Complete program management to take care of the new product launch is crucial. Infor LN has advantages such as collaborative environment, product data accessibility, program management, and project management. Collaborative environment enables the synchronization of engineering, acquisition, manufacturing, and customer across all stages of the product development process in a dynamic manner, making it possible to achieve flexibility in manufacturing. Product data accessibility makes the singular source to access product drawings and information in the proper context and format needed for supply chain development possible and safeguards the important project assets. Program management creates a configurable workflow in order to support the product development process and supporting full-market launch through providing project status, and transparent risk and cost for the product launch. Program management generates integrated project management for managing and tracks programs and sub-projects starting from tasks and activities to costs in detail.


With Infor LN, it is possible to plan for supplier release when the demand is high or takes a long time to ship and trace and track the quality of the products. Infor LN has an advantage in terms of supply chain efficiency in ordering, through EDI, along with full visibility, in order to know exactly the suppliers' ability to fulfill and the impact on the schedules of deadlines. Collaboration along with co-mingling with the ability to handle complex sourcing arrangements which means keeping control and efficiencies high is also possible with Infor LN. Infor LN also has the ability to react to the supply chain disruptions, re-source when needed and understand the effects to the customers, production and the financials.


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