The ERP solution to tackle your company’s business challenges


The car is a dream car of many people, usually associated with the color red, sleek shiny and expensive. The Italian luxury car brand, Ferrari is one of the top car manufacturers in the world. They have to fulfill demands from all over the world, which meant that they have to produce thousands of units and dealing with millions of spare parts. Is it comprehend-able if they manufacture without a system? Therefore the company needs an ERP system as a solution to accommodate their needs.


ERP solution is a system that is capable of integrating data of the business process progress. ERP solution is utilized to ease the business challenges that are previously present.


The challenges that the company usually faces are:


Global Operations


Companies tend to have subsidiaries in other countries. They would like to see and control what happens in other subsidiaries. However, they usually have difficulties syncing smoothly with departments inside the company or subsidiaries of the company. With the ERP features such as multisite, multi-company, multi-language and other global solutions, Infor LN could give global operations run smoothly.


Mass customization


Mass customizations turn into a problem due to the company trying to accommodate the production of the product that is heavily customized but still has to have the efficiency of regular mass production. This usually happens in discreet manufacturing. To achieve mass customization with the efficiency of mass production it is crucial to configure and plan the manufacturing process seamlessly. Infor LN enables to seamlessly configure and plan the manufacturing process, starting from the designing process, to ordering spare parts, until the manufacture of the product.


Balancing time & optimizing products


To innovate, the company has to find time to be able to produce new products. However, the company may have limited resources to do so, on top of producing products. So, therefore, it is not easy to innovate. Optimizing stocks available is also not a simple task. The company has to be aware of available stocks and what parts could be utilized. If done correctly, the old stocks could be used in the new product. Infor LN has the feature of optimizing production, meaning they are able to run production whilst allocating time to innovate new products. Infor LN is also capable of optimizing stocks; the data of available stocks are always updated and labeled correctly. So it is easy to determine if the company has to order more parts or not, or if the parts are able to be used for the craft of the new product.


Standardizing vendors


Automotive companies undoubtedly deal with lots of spare part vendors, because it is not easy to manufacture every single spare part in the factory. With the number of vendors to handle it is impossible to standardize them without a system. Furthermore, each spare part manufacturer may have different policies from each other. So, therefore, a system is needed to standardize vendors. The system most suited for standardizing vendors is Infor LN because Infor LN is capable of managing purchases and implement the same system to all vendors regardless of the policies.


Most business challenges that Infor LN could solve is in terms of complex supply chains. Being a large company that has lots of components and collaboration with other companies like Ferrari, an ERP system is necessary. Managing complex project and multi-year programs contract are also achievable with Infor LN because Infor LN is able to create multi-project simply, such as contract difference or multi planning. Infor is also capable of making the transition into a service-centric business model. Infor is specialized by industry, having the best practice for each business.


Infor LN is used by the top 20 Aerospace & Defense companies worldwide and more than 3000 suppliers. Even big brands such as Ferrari, Siemens, OTIS, and Tyco, use Infor LN! The facts above are more reasons why Infor LN is the most suitable ERP solution to tackle business challenges.


To conclude, Infor LN is capable of providing a single instance best-of-class ERP solution for over 40 countries and 15 languages. The system also has a robust Multi-site, multi-currency with rich functionality that includes shared services or distributed processing. Furthermore, it is also able to address all business operations from prospect-to-cash, source-to-pay, design, production and aftermarket sales, services, preventative maintenance, MRO and claims/warranty management


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